Purpose out of idleness: Ways to utilize the COVID-19 compulsory break

By March 28, 2020 Education, Inspiration

Hello, dear MTA family,

It has not been the best year so far for most of us. The world never expected that there would be anything to shut it down this seriously. I mean, businesses, stores, schools, restaurants… it has never been this bad.

However, we have hope that this would not be forever and we would all get through this. Hope does not die so easily.

We can only pray, hope and work with the instructions given to us by those in power; Health officials and lawmakers.

We need team work for this pandemic to end. So, I encourage you to adhere to the stay home rules, social distancing, cough etiquette, frequent hand washing and sanitizing instructions given to us.

Time is precious.

It is a raw material that if used with wisdom and intentionality, could birth unimaginable results.

Well, in spite of the general negativity and fear, you and I have been tremendously blessed with time at this moment and I fear that a lot of us, young people, may realise this when it’s too late and hence, this post.

What matters to you? What have you always wished you knew how to do? What do you want to improve on or do more of? This is the time!

What I believe would always help in seasons like this is to have daily goals and daily routines to achieve those goals. Those things make life seem more purposeful. Make sure that everything you’re doing in a day, fulfills something you had planned for that day.

So for instance, if you had a routine like this…

8-8:30: Pray

8:30-9:00 Shower

9:00-9:15 Breakfast

9:15-9:30 Reply messages

9:30-10:00 Watch TV

10-11:00 Learn language on Duolingo

11:00-12:00 Nap

12:30-3:00 Study

And so on…

Life would seem more fulfilling. There is nothing special in any of those things I wrote as a schedule, but if you have your day planned like that, you’re very unlikely to sleep at night feeling like you wasted the day.

Here are a few suggestions of things you could do at this time:

– Get to know yourself:

This is especially for those in terminal classes (final year students) at every level of education. Maybe it’s time to sit with yourself and really ask what you want for yourself.

Maybe it’s time to get more clarity on things to do and paths to take. And if you believe in God, maybe it’s time to pray a little more for yourself and the world.

– Learn a skill:

This is the most popular trend now, and I’m totally here for it. This is a time to follow platforms that offer services like skill acquisition. I know that Udemy gave some free courses about a week ago, some other businesses on social media are also offering crash courses. I know that @imagoda on Instagram is currently offering crash courses in graphic design and more. This is a wave that many of these businesses are riding, don’t miss out on it.

– Study:

I know this is not what you want to hear. But really, there is no pressure of exams or time, you have access to many more materials, comfortable reading locations at home and so on.

Take advantage of this time and study things that you have had a hard time understanding all school year. Watch YouTube videos, read articles, call your friends who may be able to help. Do whatever works 🙂

Oh, and keep following us on our social media platforms. We have exciting things coming soon 😉

– Work out:

We all know this is a time when the double chins, protruding bellies, damaged waistlines and so much more start to develop due to the inactivity, so, why not be proactive?

Go on YouTube, find workout videos, make a routine for yourself and get the work done!

You may even include your family members to have more fun. At least now that there’s no rush or pressure, you could enjoy it!

– Enjoy your family:

Hey, take a chill pill too. Some of us don’t get enough of family time all year round. Spend some time with your blessings from God and be grateful that you have them at such a tough time. Eat well too! 😉

– Connect with a supreme being:

In times like this, your hope has to be anchored on something/someone. If you believe in God, now is a good time to spend a little more time getting reassurance from Him and praying.

The big question is, when this is all over and everyone returns to their normal lives, some people are going to be much better individuals because of all the time they had… how about you? What would your own story be?

Remember, we all have the same number of hours in a day. Make yours count.

Lastly, comfort would never get you where you want to be.

– Deba, for MTA.

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