#NYSCseries 2: Making the most of your NYSC year

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This is a post written by Segun Adeyomoye, a pastor and leader whose deepest passion is to help men know God experientially. He is a graduate of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology from the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications Option. He specializes in Security and Cryptography. Through his e-commerce innovation, Mingcart, in 2017, he was listed with the top 30 tech talents in Nigeria by USPF.

He believes failure is not falling but refusing to rise after a fall and therefore has had failed enterprises but hasn’t stopped doing life big.


National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) is a one year program for all Nigerian graduates to serve the nation. It is a program that promotes exchange of culture and gives the opportunity to explore and experience new things. The whole process starts by picking four states of choice and individual posting will be done within these four states. I chose Abuja, Rivers, Ogun and Kaduna in that order.

Lagos was available when I made my choices but it didn’t go down well with me, so I chose Ogun as the third choice. When the posting was done, I got Ogun State. Initially, I didn’t like it because I wanted a place far from both home and the university I attended. Shortly, I fell in love with it, afterall it was within my choice states.

The first big step in ensuring you have an amazing NYSC year is to be quick in making your registration. It affords you the opportunity to pick the desired states.

The next thing is to have a vision for your NYSC year. If you don’t stand for something, you fall for anything, be a person of vision. Only visionary people can resist distractions when they come. Few months before NYSC, I already had a list of things I wanted to accomplish.

• I wanted to read all books written by Kenneth Hagin.

• I wanted to learn new skills relating to information technology.

• I wanted to read the epistles in the bible for as many times as possible.

• I wanted to go for a mission trip outside Nigeria for two weeks in that year.

For the fact that I already had things I would live for, things I wanted to accomplish, when the distraction to serve with National Christian Corper’s Fellowship (NCCF) at the state level came, it was possible to overcome it.

It was a bit tough because I already accepted the offer to serve and I had my posting to Abeokuta, the state capital because anyone serving at the state level has to be at the state capital. I was at Abeokuta for a month but then it didn’t go down well with me, I wasn’t comfortable being there, I didn’t have inner comfort. During this period, the human resource manager of Babcock University called me twice to come and pick my acceptance letter and also asked if I was willing to work with them because my dad already spoke with the Vice Chancellor and he told her to place a call through and inform me to come for my acceptance letter. At this point, I was confused.

Aside serving with NCCF ,NYSC posted me to an IT firm in Abeokuta and since I was IT inclined ,I felt it was something to go for. The IT firm looked like it, but it wasn’t it. After taking my time to think in light of the visions I had, I had to leave Abeokuta for Ilishan-Remo where Babcock University is located. It was a tough decision as people made me feel bad for leaving but I thank God I did. When you live your life based on vision, it is possible to deal with emotions but if you have no vision for life, you will easily fall for emotions because you don’t want people to feel bad. NCCF is a beautiful family to be part of but for me, it wasn’t the way to go.

In light of having a vision for your NYSC year, begin to question everything that comes your way including the permutations made by the people in charge of posting. For instance, if you want to learn IT skills which require internet and power supply, and you are posted to a village where there is no access to such, be quick to reject it and go in search of what you want. One major thing that limits people in life is to accept everything that comes their way as God’s will.

While it is true that some are ushered into the right things for their lives through this way, some others are limited by such. You must learn how to say NO to things that won’t support your vision. In rejecting my place of primary assignment (PPA), I humbly went to the man in charge of the IT firm in Abeokuta to reject me because I found a place of my choice and he did.

Then I went to the local government to complete the process. It took some efforts over few days but it was worth it. Some of the things your life requires won’t come easy, they will require some efforts. Do not as a result of laziness believe that whatever life serves you is God’s will. Life belongs to those who are intentional about life.

Lastly, what is worth doing at all is worth doing well. If you want to pursue a community development project, put in your best. NYSC awards best CDS project in each state every four years. The last was in 2016, the next will be 2020.

A friend of mine got called by the federal government two months ago because his CDS project was awarded after his service year in 2016. The good you do will never go unrewarded, it may only take time. He had been without job for two years but now he has an appointment with the federal government and will be moving to Abuja this month. After a year, he can travel to any part of the world to further his education while he continues to get his salary. Diligence will never go unrewarded.

Concerning my visions for NYSC year, I wasn’t able to read all books written by Kenneth Hagin but I was able to read about forty (40). I was able to read the epistles in the bible again and again. I was able to learn new information technology skills that year including Android Studio and mastered the use of wordpress for any kind of project. I wasn’t able to go for the mission trip outside Nigeria because God would not let me. It was also another emotional decision for me but I made the right decision. Four friends went and did amazing things for the faith!

Those two weeks were crucial in preparing and giving me focus for some of the things I do today. I encourage you to approach NYSC as a visionary person and you will certainly have a fruitful year. Don’t forget to enjoy and make friends, I didn’t put emphasis on them because they are things anyone will naturally do. Do well to plan financially too. Save a portion of your income every month. This will save you from being a burden to anyone and yourself after your service year.

– Segun Adeyomoye

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