#NYSC diaries 4- Jumoke’s story

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Hello there! Have you missed us as much as we’ve missed you?

It’s another Saturday and thank you for stopping by! We continue this week with another narrative of an NYSC experience written by Jumoke Pinheiro. Enjoy!

I always looked forward to camp but I was always worried about the bathrooms and toilets. Anyway, I just wanted to be posted to Lagos. Lagos camp I heard was all shades of great and of course, I would be deployed to office of choice.

NYSC had other plans for me, the posting letter came out and I had been posted to Kebbi State. I shouted, I cried, I was confused. What is Kebbi, where is that? What do they do there? I went to Kebbi oo, thank God there was a flight to Kebbi.

The trip to Kebbi for me wasn’t bad because I flew, but I know for others who came in from Lagos by road got to Kebbi the following day, we can call it a two-day trip. I got there not knowing what to expect, and I was quite surprised.

For me, camp wasn’t so bad, it could have been better though. Social activities were almost dead, Mami market was dead, the food there ehn, most times tasteless but we thank God. I couldn’t eat the food from the kitchen, so I always had to buy food and that’s the food that wasn’t even great, so imagine what camp food was like.

I even ran for Miss NYSC (my platoon soldiers forced me) I didn’t win and I felt cheated to be honest.

One thing I won’t forget about camp is the fact that I was always storing poo. I didn’t want to use their toilet and ‘shot put’ was just hard work for me, thank God we survived.

Worst days for me in camp hmmm, I had a few. One morning I woke up and my knee was acting up real bad, so painful. Another day, it was past time to be out for morning drills and I had to poo, too much tension, lol. I hated having to wake up so early for morning drills and all that. For best days, our swearing in ceremony, I gave the acceptance speech. I was a member of OBS (Orientation Broadcasting Service), most of my other fun moments were with them.

Of course I redeployed, not to Lagos, but to Ogun. This made me upset but I had no choice at this point. Thankfully, where I was posted is not so deep in Ogun, some people still call it Lagos. I got posted to a school, I teach English and Literature. Never did I think I would be doing such.

The area we are located is terribly bad, bad roads, more like death traps. I even had an accident, I cried so much, I was tired of travelling and all the bike trips and finally falling off a bike.

Now to the school, a lot of the students don’t want to learn, many are not so smart, but then we all have our strengths, the thing is are you willing to learn? It’s stressful, but I’ve gotten used to it and I have my guys are now. Writing lesson notes and always marking kills me so much, but I have no choice. The first few weeks I couldn’t wrap my head around some of the things that were happening. I remember marking some essays from the SS3 students, I was too heart broken. I just really want the parents to do better and be more invested in their children’s education.

I honestly want Nysc to be done, I can’t wait. The scheme in my opinion needs to be revamped.

Jumoke Pinheiro is a graduate of Mass Communication from Babcock University. She is a lover of God, a presenter at Cool fm where she hypes and does voice overs as well. She is also an event host . She enjoys most things entertainment related, trying out new things and meeting new people. 

This was quite an interesting read, right? I hope you chuckled at some descriptions the way we did? Here was what Jumoke’s experience was like. If you want to share yours, why not? Send an email to Support@mytutorafrica.com or send a DM on Instagram @mytutorafrica.

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