Housemanship Series #2- Lagos State University Teaching hospital

Today’s article focuses on a doctor’s Housemanship experience at the Lagos state University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH).

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I did my housemanship at Lagos state teaching university hospital between October 2019 and October 2020.

Prior to commencement you would be required to submit; an application letter, statement of result (if school certificate isn’t ready), provisional license, WAEC certificate and a form provided for applicants if I remember correctly.

If you qualify you would be required to take a written test comprising MCQs in the major subdivisions i.e. Medicine, Paediatrics, O&G and Surgery. Based on your score you qualify for an interview which you are asked a question from any of the above-mentioned fields and then a question on current affairs usually restricted to Lagos state. So based on your score you are given the job. It also helps to know someone. 😉

The accommodation is an area that could be improved on considering that the rooms don’t come with anything however that gives you a chance to express yourself and bring your style (for ladies especially). Then the friendly neighbourhood pests. Some rooms had leaking problems but some of it got fixed towards our exit.

When I started HJ I was “green” as they called it but thanks to my registrars and Senior House Officer at the time I quickly learnt my duties. So, for HOs to be, your main duties are;

1. To see and know about all patients i.e. ask about their complains, examine them when necessary, always check vitals.

2. Do your mop-ups i.e. carry out the plan that the consultant, SRs and Registrars document. I did not know about this when I started, I just wrote plans and left. LMAO. Thank God for nice superiors.

3. Attempt all IV cannulations, the more you try the easier it gets really.

4. Passing catheters.

5. Prepare patients for surgery; writing material lists, setting lines, passing catheters, requesting necessary investigations prior to surgery, follow up on blood (very important especially in O&G).

6. Know stuff!

7. Attempt procedures.

8. Find out what are house officers’ duties from senior house officers because there are some things that are not yours to do!

9. Know your limit. Know when to escalate to your seniors.

10. Be patient with your patients, lol. Because they will test you.

These duties might vary based on posting but these are constant through all. As for social life, there’s time for it for those interested in socializing.

During house job my best experience was definitely during O&G. Although it was tedious, working with nice seniors made the work better. Consultants were willing to teach and relate with you. Nurses were also nice to work with and the environment was cool.

I did not have a worst experience per se but if I am to pick any it’d probably be transitioning between the chilling period of Christmas/New Year to Medicine’s workload. Too many patients and no unit is spared really. However, I learned most of my CPR here and also learned how to do stuff sharply.

Salary payment is always as on time, remember to do your PAY-AT-SIGHT! Very important. Initially, salary was about 166k but with new minimum wage structure it increased to about 171k then with all the events that played out last year there were few incentives. Getting paid the first time came with great excitement like my hardwork has been repaid. But after a while it started feeling like the work was way more than the pay.

My advice to prospective HOs – Housejob is a time to appreciate stuff that might have seemed vague in medical school, it’s also a time to pick up as many handy skills as possible and basically the period when you’re allowed to make mistakes because you’re a doctor under supervision. Do your best but don’t let your willingness to work be taken advantage of. There are a lot of potential hang out spots in GRA. Be sure to check out phase 2 in LASUTH for “mama-put” kind of food.

I would definitely recommend LASUTH for housejob.


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