Our Story

I believe that knowledge is power. It has, over the years, been power to the world. Power to invent, to discover and to solve problems.

I believe that if the process of acquiring knowledge is made easier and more accessible and if the learners are made to understand the importance of learning and the vast opportunities learning avails them, our nation and the world at large would break new grounds in terms of invention and problem-solving. Knowledge is really our ticket to a better world. Knowledge is the link between a problem and its solution.

‘Education is our passport to the future. Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.’- Malcolm X


Because of all these beliefs, MyTutorAfrica was birthed. MyTutorAfrica is a registered Non-Governmental Organisation which operates mainly in Nigeria. It was founded in May 2017 but got legally registered and commenced activities in 2018 with the aim of raising educational standards in Nigeria. I further believe that in order to actualise this aim, the education system has to become more enjoyable and pleasurable, as many frustrations abound in the Nigerian education system. The frustrations range from poor infrastructure and maintenance of facilities (libraries, laboratories, hostels) to some lecturers who do not teach the content well or encourage interest in the courses, poverty and inability to pay fees or afford basic student necessities for education, and poor counselling or guidance of students into career choices.

These and many more are a few loopholes I have identified in the Nigerian education system and I hope to contribute my quota to improve or even solve these problems in the conviction that education holds the passport to a better Nigeria.

In the spirit of procuring solutions to identified problems, this website was birthed. Personally, I have found online education aids very helpful in my journey as a student. From websites to tutorial videos to blog posts, all these have greatly improved my understanding of my course of study and have given me access to information I could not have gotten by attending classes alone.

It has, however, saddened me over the years that Nigeria fails to have such educational aids, or has them in almost insignificant numbers and so, this would be the first of its kind. I hope that in using this website, students, and anyone seeking knowledge, are able to maximise the opportunity given to them by this platform to engage professionals in discussions that they may not have been able to have otherwise.

I would also encourage users to check the blog aspect of this platform as they would find various interviews and information that would be of help to them as students, job seekers or just a people seeking to satisfy their curiosity. They can stay informed of our posts on the blog by following us on our social media platforms (Twitter and Instagram) where our handle is @MyTutorAfrica.

I wish you a pleasurable experience here. Please feel free to let us know how we can make your experience even more pleasurable. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated

– Deba Osaghae,
Founder, myTutorAfrica.