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Enhancing the Learning Process

MyTutorAfrica is a platform for knowledge seekers, professors and their students to learn, discuss and deliberate on topics they care about. Our goal is to enhance the learning process beyond the limitations of a physical class room.

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For Students

Reflect on course materials, ask thought-out questions, receive insightful answers and improve your understanding of the topic.

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Answer questions on topics you care about, discuss your course material extensively and build relationships with students and knowledge seekers.

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Stay inspired to learn. Engage in meaningful conversations and share knowledge with students, lecturers, professors and other knowledge seekers.

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How Does myTutorAfrica Work?

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Ask questions on the topic categories, ranging from law to arts to science.

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An experienced tutor gets an email notification when you ask a question and responds with learning materials

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Get a notification when your question has been answered and improve your understanding of the question topic.

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